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A bit of advice and CMSIS API document?

Question asked by archer.ross.002 on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2015 by archer.ross.002
Hi folks,

I've been drowning in mountains of non-useful documentation looking for something very simple:  an API document for CMSIS peripheral functions, written for the application developer (not ARM document detailing how a silicon vendor writes CMSIS).

For example, where is I2C_CheckEvent(), SPI_ReadWrite(), and other peripheral HAL stuff defined for (say) STM32F1xx?  I found a lot of related things, but not that.

Yes, I can read the source code and seek out examples.  But it would be nice, IF ST has bothered to document their API, to find the document where it's all defined. :)

I found this:
but this seems to assume the presence of an RTOS that I don't presently want.

Thanks for any help with my stupid questions! :D

-- ross