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Fatal error: ST-Link, no MCU device found session aborted

Question asked by Ben on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by jj.sprague
When I configure the I2C to my code, my code is only using TSC, RTC, timer2 and sixteen GPIO. I compiler it that variable parameter is became "unavailable" in live watch windows. After that, I want to leave debug mode. IAR shows error about "Fatal error: check that all cables are connected and power is OK." And compiler it again, IAR will show  "Fatal error: ST-Link, no MCU device found session aborted." I use STVP program to erase it and remove ST-link to compiler again. IAR will let me compiler. But, it still show "unavailable". I use STVP again and comment the line of I2C configuration to recover my code. It works normally. And, I try to change the I2C port and do above way. IAR can run, but live watch windows show all of the parameter is 0. I use STM32F3 discovery board. MCU has selected to STM32F303xC. I have no idea to handle this issue. Please help me. Thank you.