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Register definition doesn't match part

Question asked by bujak.dan on Aug 8, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2015 by Clive One
I'm working with the Nucleo F446RE, and the project that I created using the STM32 Workbench as well as all the standard library files include the stm32f4xx.h file rather than the stm32f446xx.h 

I noticed that the GPIO registers do not match the ones in the reference manual for the STM32F446RET6, which shows a BSRR register rather than the BSRRL and BSRRH.

Why is the STM32 System Workbench IDE including this file if it doesn't have the correct descriptions, or am I doing something wrong?

  * @brief General Purpose I/O
typedef struct
  __IO uint32_t MODER;    /*!< GPIO port mode register,               Address offset: 0x00      */
  __IO uint32_t OTYPER;   /*!< GPIO port output type register,        Address offset: 0x04      */
  __IO uint32_t OSPEEDR;  /*!< GPIO port output speed register,       Address offset: 0x08      */
  __IO uint32_t PUPDR;    /*!< GPIO port pull-up/pull-down register,  Address offset: 0x0C      */
  __IO uint32_t IDR;      /*!< GPIO port input data register,         Address offset: 0x10      */
  __IO uint32_t ODR;      /*!< GPIO port output data register,        Address offset: 0x14      */
  __IO uint16_t BSRRL;    /*!< GPIO port bit set/reset low register,  Address offset: 0x18      */
  __IO uint16_t BSRRH;    /*!< GPIO port bit set/reset high register, Address offset: 0x1A      */
  __IO uint32_t LCKR;     /*!< GPIO port configuration lock register, Address offset: 0x1C      */
  __IO uint32_t AFR[2];   /*!< GPIO alternate function registers,     Address offset: 0x20-0x24 */
} GPIO_TypeDef;