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Question asked by jasonas.matas on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by jasonas.matas
Hi all, there is something wrong with my project's microSD card part. I have done it on the  STM32F407 discovery board and it worked perfectly the data was succesfuly written to the microSD card. But for the end product I made board (whom all traces are correct, checked it many times) with STM32F401RBT6 and now the microSD card always not responds, I get error:"SD_CMD_RSP_TIMEOUT" and later turn into FR_INVALID_OBJECT. I have changed the from startup_STM32F4xx.s to startup_STM32F40xx.s. And I am using STM324xg_eval.c and stm324xg_eval_sdio_sd.c as drivers. Also changed the clockfrom 168MHz to 84Mhz. The divider valus are:
*pll_n 336
*pll_m 8 (onboard external 8Mhz quartz)
*pll_q 7
*pll_p 4

APB1 Prescaler 2
APB2 Prescaler 1

 If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions you are very welcome to post.