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STM32 UART Interrupt

Question asked by pet.tag on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by romain reicher
Hi there,

I have a nucleo board based on the STM32F152RET6 and I'm using the STM32CubeMX.

I want to toggle the LED when a caracter is received on IT but I've tried a looooooot of things but nothing makes it work...
TX works fine.

I've tried with both CooCox, and Eclips with GCC tool ARM.

If someone knows where is the problem..

Attached the files of my project.

In the while(1) I'm sending the letter "a", because I wanted to test if something happened when TX and RX where wired on the board. But when I did so, the transmiting stops... And restart when I remove the wire.

Thanks in advance