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ITM, Debug window,CMISIS support

Question asked by stanzani.marco on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by stanzani.marco
I am using NUCLEO L053R8 (STM32L0) and Keil uVision 5.15 and ST-Link (embedded in the nucleus board). I buid a FW program using CubeFx 
I am setting up the stdoutput with no semihosting using the ITM.
First I cannot find the Debug printf window in the uVision GUI claimed by the Keil documentation at
I understand this is for keil U-LINK2 though. Does ST link support ITM debug?
I would use CMSIS ITM functions I cannot find the functions ITM_SendChar etc. as documented by (I see CMISIS stff in the CubeFx generated program

I am afraid I am doing something undamentally wrong ...