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STM32F3 as class-D modulator

Question asked by weilguni.michael.001 on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by Jean
I'm trying to use an STM32F3 to drive a gate driver for a class-D amplifier using sigma-delta modulation. Therefore I use the internal comparator to compare a reference signal with the actual integrated signal of the amplifier output. Depending on the comparator's output, the amplifier is switched on/off. Currently I'm using a timer interrupt at 1 MHz and check the comparator state within the interrupt routine. The routine is quite short but nonetheless the interrupt occurs quite often, limiting the capabilies of the µC.
A D-flipflop with the comparator output as input, clocked by a 1MHz timer would also work, but an external component is required.
Does anyone know another way to toggle an output depending on the comparator state with an update rate of 1 MHz?