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Does STM32F4xx support UART IAP?

Question asked by yang.dequan.001 on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Clive One
Hi Guys, 

I download sample code for UART IAP(AN4657) and try to use on my STM32F405, but till now I havn't made it run.

and I found below info from document:


•  STM32L0 HAL Driver 1.2.0. (Release Notes)

•  STM32L4 HAL Driver 0.3.0. (Release Notes)

•  STM32F1 HAL Driver 1.0.0. (Release Notes)

•  STM32L073Z-EVAL BSP Driver 0.0.4. (Release Notes)

•  STM32L476G-EVAL BSP Driver 0.1.0. (Release Notes)

•  STM3210C-EVAL BSP Driver 6.0.0. (Release Notes)

•  STM32L0xx CMSIS 1.2.0. (Release Notes)

•  STM32L4xx CMSIS 0.3.0. (Release Notes)

•  STM32F1xx CMSIS 4.0.0. (Release Notes)

•  CMSIS Version 4.2 (Release Notes)

So I'm wondering whether this IAP sample supports STM32f4XX?

Thank you!