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STM32F072 lowest PCLK is 10MHz?

Question asked by vidal.joan on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2015 by vidal.joan
We have a design with STM32F072, and we would like to work with HSI at 8MHz in order to achieve the lowest posible consumption as long as we don't need too much processing power, thus the USB requiring 48MHz would be clocked from HSI48.
So we profile with STMCUBEMX, to have HCLK and PCLK at 8MHz, we have a red hint on the clock configuration screen that says that PCLK must be between 10MHz and 48MHz, the issue is that i can't find the reason of having PCLK higher to 10Mhz in any document of STM32F0 family , can someone explain us why this hint, or at least where to find this information?

Thank you in advance