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Error due to GNU ARM toolchain usage in IAR workbench

Question asked by lieber.sommer on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by Clive One

I recently started programming with STM32F4Discovery board and am using IAR workbench as the IDE. I am supposed to use an already developed program in Eclipse as a part of my project. When I imported this into IAR Workbench, I get the following error and warnings: `

Error[Pe020]: identifier "_impure_ptr" is undefined
Warning[Pe223]: function "_REENT_INIT_PTR" declared implicitly
Warning[Pe223]: function "_reclaim_reent" declared implicitly C`

I have realized that the `_impure_ptr`, `_REENT_INIT_PTR`, `_reclaim_reent` are a part of the `reent.h` file which are present in the GNU ARM Toolchain. This is being used as a part of the using FreeRTOS functionality. With Eclipse, this is not a problem, but when using IAR workbench, is there any other file similar to the `reent.h` for IAR Workbench that I am supposed to include?

I know it is a naive question but I am a beginner to embedded programming and still in the initial stages of setting up this project.