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STM32L1 PWM, off state selection for Idle mode

Question asked by JulienD on Jul 28, 2015
Hi all

With STM32L152, I'm using TIM2 to generate several one shot pulses.
It works not that bad except the fact that compared to the moment I start the pulse
process, the pulse seems to be "right aligned".
In other words, the end of the pulse is always at a constant time from the moment I start
the timer.

The joined capture shows several different pulses (on second line), while the first line
shows the activation of the timer.
I would like something where all pulses start when the timer starts.

In the STM32F4, I found the OSSI bit in TIMx_BDTR register which seems to do the job
but I can't find nor the register nor the bit anywhere in STM32L152 datasheet.

Is there a way to achieve what I need ?