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SPI read problem

Question asked by belloc.thomas on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by belloc.thomas
Hi everybody,
I'm trying to develop a function to read all the content of my E2PROM, I can read one value without a problem but at the second read, I'm blocked at the waiting of the flag RXNE, I don't understand..
Can you help me?
Thank you 
void spi2_conf()
    GPIO_InitTypeDef    GPIO_InitStructure;
    SPI_InitTypeDef   SPI_InitStructure;
 /* Enable SPI clock, SPI1 */
  /* SPI SCK, MOSI, MISO pin configuration */
  GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Pin = GPIO_Pin_13 | GPIO_Pin_15 | GPIO_Pin_14;
  GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Mode = GPIO_Mode_AF;
  GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_OType = GPIO_OType_PP;
  GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_PuPd = GPIO_PuPd_DOWN;
  GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Speed = GPIO_Speed_Level_1; // 10 MHz
  GPIO_Init(GPIOB, &GPIO_InitStructure);
  // Configure CS pin as output floating
  GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Pin = GPIO_Pin_12;
  GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Mode = GPIO_Mode_OUT;
  GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_PuPd = GPIO_PuPd_UP;
  GPIO_Init(GPIOB, &GPIO_InitStructure);
  GPIO_PinAFConfig(GPIOB, GPIO_PinSource13, GPIO_AF_0); // SPI1 SCK
  GPIO_PinAFConfig(GPIOB, GPIO_PinSource15, GPIO_AF_0); // SPI1 MOSI
  GPIO_PinAFConfig(GPIOB, GPIO_PinSource14, GPIO_AF_0); // SPI1 MISO
  /* SPI configuration -------------------------------------------------------*/
  SPI_InitStructure.SPI_Direction = SPI_Direction_2Lines_FullDuplex;
  SPI_InitStructure.SPI_Mode = SPI_Mode_Master;
  SPI_InitStructure.SPI_DataSize = SPI_DataSize_8b;
  SPI_InitStructure.SPI_CPOL = SPI_CPOL_Low;
  SPI_InitStructure.SPI_CPHA = SPI_CPHA_1Edge;
  SPI_InitStructure.SPI_NSS = SPI_NSS_Hard; //modif test
  SPI_InitStructure.SPI_BaudRatePrescaler = SPI_BaudRatePrescaler_4;
  SPI_InitStructure.SPI_FirstBit = SPI_FirstBit_MSB;
  SPI_Init(SPI2, &SPI_InitStructure);
  SPI_SSOutputCmd(SPI2, ENABLE);
uint8_t SPI2_SendByte(uint x)
  while(SPI_I2S_GetFlagStatus(SPI2, SPI_I2S_FLAG_TXE) == RESET); // TX Empty (Front Test)
  SPI_SendData8(SPI2, x);
 while(SPI_I2S_GetFlagStatus(SPI2, SPI_I2S_FLAG_RXNE) == RESET); // Wait for data to shift out
  return(SPI_ReceiveData8(SPI2)); // Read to clear RXNE
uint8_t spi2_read(uint8_t adress)
    uint8_t spi_rd_data_local=66;
    SPI2_SendByte(0b00000011); //code read
    // Send Dummy Byte for Clocks
    //resultat lisible
    //pour mettre fin a lecture, remettre CS à 1
     while (SPI_I2S_GetFlagStatus(SPI2, SPI_I2S_FLAG_BSY) == SET);
     return (spi_rd_data_local);
void spi2_enable_write(void)
    SPI2_SendByte(0b00000110); //code wren
void spi2_power_on(void)
    while(SPI_I2S_GetFlagStatus(SPI2, SPI_I2S_FLAG_TXE) == RESET); // TX Empty (Front Test)
    SPI_SendData8(SPI2, 0b00000100);// code reset write latch