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STM32F1 - ADC in DUAL mode

Question asked by obid.matic on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by Aurora
Hi. Let me describe the situation. 

I have to do 8 AD conversions (using STM32F103) as fast as possible. Thus, I'd like to use ADC in DUAL mode to execute 4x2 conversions (on ADC1 as master and ADC2 as slave) and transfer them with DMA. As far as I know I should use dual regular simultaneous ADC mode for this task. And probably also SCAN mode for executing all 4 pairs of conversion one after another. I don't want to use CONTINUOUS mode, because I'd like to start conversions when I want.

I have a problem with configuration of a DMA and ADC modules. I was searching a lot on the web, but everything that I found was written with STD Libraries. I am quite new on STM32 MCUs and have some experience only with newer HAL Drivers.

Now, my question is, if anyone has such case made with HAL Drivers? Or if anyone has some kind of advice?

Things that I'm the most interesting in are how to configure DataWidth for DMA Peripheral and Memory side (halfword, word). Any kind of advice would be very helpful and appreciated.