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ST-Link V2 error No target connected

Question asked by yafis.mohamed on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2015 by yafis.mohamed
Hello everyone.
I am using a custom board with STM32F030C8 on it and ST-Link V2 for programming and debugging on keil MDK v5.14.
It worked fine and i was able to burn and debug the firmware. Yesterday i programmed an example from STM32 standard peripheral library, i was successful to program the controller first time. But the next time i try to flash the code, it throws an error "No target connected". I dont know but somehow it bricked the controller. The same thing happened with the other perfectly working board. And now i have 2 bricked boards.
Is there any way i can find out if the controller is working?
Because i am not able to detect it using keil or STlink visual programmer.
I am very new to STM microcontrollers...Somebody plz help...