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STM32F100C8 Unique ID not Unique!

Question asked by m.andrew on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by STOne-32
Hello!  I have 13  STM32F100C8  and  I see( Keil memory windows )   at  0x1FFFF7e8 ( contiguous12 bytes) very  strange "so called" Uniqe Ids - see below.
ffff8a07ffffffffffffffff, ffff8807ffffffffffffffff , ffffa007ffffffffffffffff,  ffff8407ffffffffffffffff,  ffff6f07ffffffffffffffff,  ffffb507ffffffffffffffff , ffffa107ffffffffffffffff,
 ffff8707ffffffffffffffff,  ffff9907ffffffffffffffff,  ffffa107ffffffffffffffff , ffff9507ffffffffffffffff,  ffffa407ffffffffffffffff,  ffff9807ffffffffffffffff
Those IDs  have a lot of "F"s  and even are duplicated within 13(!) exemplars.
Please,explain the phenomenon. 
Thank you.