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STM32F4 SDIO continuos stream

Question asked by de_carvalho.felipe on Jul 23, 2015
For the past few days I have been trying to get data written to an SDHC card at a constant rate of 1.2MBps without any success. I have based my SDIO driver on Clive's example, which was posted somewhere else in the forum, and so far I can write data to the SD card but not in a continuous stream.
I also know that I'm achieving >3MBps data rate writing to the SD card because I can get it to save 16384 bytes in 5ms(checked with oscilloscope).
To test the continuous data stream I did the following:
-pre allocated files (FATFS) and then write to sectors in raw format (no filesystem overhead);
-I use the systick to set a flag for new data ready every 5ms;
-I write a block(16384bytes) of data to the sd card;
Note:Each block has only 1 value in it which is the current block number. All the other values in the block are zeroed. This is to help check data integrity when reading the data in a PC.
Below are snippets of my code:
            res = disk_write(fs.drv, (uint8_t *)&bufferA[0], ssect , 32);
uint32_t block=0;
uint8_t write_ok=1,data_ok=0;
void SysTick_Handler(void)
        if(write_ok==1)         {
            *((uint32_t *)&bufferA[0]) = block++;
        else {
            GPIO_SetBits(LEDPORT, REDLED);
So, the problem that I'm seeing is that SD card busy delays are causing some blocks not being  written to the card.
I tried increasing the period between writes to 50ms(instead of 5ms) and I still get the same problem.
I think this may be a buffer related issue but with the current PCB I'm limited to the internal MCU SRAM (128K).
Has anyone successfully managed to stream 4GB @ 1.2MBps reliably using STM32 MCUs with SDIO?(Basically a very large amount of data at a quite high data rate)
If so, could you share your experience?
What is the maximum reliable continuous data stream anyone has achieved with only 128K of buffer?
Ps1:In the meanwhile will try implementing a double buffering scheme to see if that makes any significant improvement.
Ps2:I have tried a couple of different SD cards(class 10) from different manufacturers as I'm aware that SD cards are different but still got the same results + I would like to make something that is not so dependent on the type of SD card used.