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a little help

Question asked by jones.david.009 on Jul 22, 2015
i ran freertos + lwip (MII) with mxcube in stm32f407

sorry i did not previous Post ans simply i'll tell you my experiences

1. be careful about Gpio Pin Initializes check your schematic with your cube Settings

2. you should maintain this condition on cube. there is good example in the cube folder in Project/Stm32f40G/Application/Lwip/ (there is just a folder with freerotos)
(this address is what i remember but it's almost correct)

in that project there is 2 header files with names of "lwipopts.h" and "opts.h"
make all of mxcube parameter the same with this two header files

3.this step is very should add this line to your code in "lwipopts.h" user Code at the end of file
and enable using mutex in freertos settings
4. in freertos settings by default you have 7 prioritis in tasks
you should be careful not to increase thread_tcp_Prio more than this value or else you should increase your freertos priorities
5. create power down external interrupt like the example
6. u can use the example procedure to create your own project

hope this help you