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Question asked by Wawrzyniak.Laurent on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by Wawrzyniak.Laurent
I need to disable the VVDA monitor at power down reset (PDR).
To do this, it needs to write in the option bytes register.

I did the following code.

01.//Disable VDDA MONITOR in option bit
02.    uint8_t UserByte =  FLASH_OB_GetUser(); //Rea the user option bytes
04.//Check VVDA is not yet cleared
05.    if ( (UserByte & OB_VDDA_ANALOG_ON) != 0 )
06.    {
07.      FLASH_Status status = FLASH_OB_VDDAConfig(OB_VDDA_ANALOG_OFF);
08.      if ( status == FLASH_COMPLETE )
09.      {
10.         FLASH_OB_Launch(); //Write to OB register and reset --> issue always doing the reset
11.      }
12.    }

The issue is that the bit VDDA of  FLASH->OBR register is never cleared so it seems that the VVDA can not be cleared for unknown reason.
Any idea to solve the issue?