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STM32F7xx I2C bus frequency too high

Question asked by Tectu on Jul 21, 2015
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Hello folks,

I am working with an STM32F7 Discovery board which uses an STM32F746NG microcontroller.
I would like to use the I2C peripheral without using the STM32Cube HAL, just by directly accessing the registers.

I manage to initialize the peripheral and I send the slave address over the bus. However, the I2C bus frequency (the frequency of the SCL line) is always way too high. I either get 1.35 MHz or 2.27 MHz although I am configuring everything to use the Standard mode 100 kHz.
I use the STM32CubeMX to retrieve the correct value for the TIMINGR register. My setup uses the 25 MHz HSE and the PLL is configured to produce a 200 MHz SYSCLK. The APB1 Frequency is 50 MHz (SYSCLK/4). I verified the SYSCLK frequency by looking that the RCC status register to verify that the PLL is up and running and I read out the SystemCoreClock variable and I indeed get 200 MHz. I am also verified that I set the I2CCLK to be sourced from the APB1 clock.

My code is attached. I am using I2C1 on PB8 and PB9.

After about 10 hours of tears I took the RCC and I2C initialization code actually generated by the STM32CubeMX and I get the same problem.
I am totally lost here. I added a scope screenshot. The signal quality is of course very bad as the bus (and the pullups) are not designed to work with this frequency.

Any help is highly welcomed.