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Help with Stm32f429 FMC SDRAM(MT48LC16M)

Question asked by jones.david.009 on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by Mark Edwards
I design a board based on Stm32f429-discovery and add a 8192 Row x 512column x 16 bit Sdram to Sdram Bank 2.

my Sdram is MT48LC16M

I study Datasheet To Setup Timing And Helped by

this header file from Atmel.

and create my Project At first i tested my program by writing 0XF0 to about 1 KB of Sdram from Address 0XD0000000 (first address of fmc Sdram bank 2) and I Read Back them and They Are Correct!
But I Decided to Check whole of Sdram Memory So I Fill 32MB(0X2000000) With 0XF0
but there was Errors when i Compare read data with 0Xf0
I then Checked that If i Write More Than 0X10dd8 Length Of Data Sdram Will Lose Data And I Cant Go to Debug Also Because It's Always With Error.
I Even Checked Timing With STM32F429-Disco and See i have the Same Pattern

HCLK=168 Mhz
I Attached FMC.c File

I Appreciate Any Help