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IAP in stm32F101 using IDE IAR,unable to jump to new application

Question asked by padwal.sagar on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by padwal.sagar
I started for IAP with stm32 using iDE KEIL which works fine.
But now when i switch to iDE IAR using STM32F101VCT6 the IAP not working,
for switching from one code to another code written in the flash memory space.

Following is the part of my code whichc i used for switching from one code space to another as follows:

#define ApplicationAddress      0x08020000

typedef void(*pFunction)(void);

pFunction Jump_To_Application;
uint32_t uliJumpAddress;
void jump_to_app(void);
/* Set system control register SCR->VTOR  */
NVIC_SetVectorTable(NVIC_VectTab_FLASH, 0x00020000);
uliJumpAddress = *( uint32_t*) (ApplicationAddress + 0x04);
Jump_To_Application = (pFunction) uliJumpAddress;
__set_MSP(*( uint32_t*) ApplicationAddress);