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STM32L Problem in booting without debugger

Question asked by Selportion on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by Selportion
I have a STM32L151UC, I am compiling a project getting a Hex and and Elf file, I flash the Hex file using ST-Link Utility and St-Link/V2 and I can start it on debug mode over openocd and gdb, being able to print with semihosting, step over/into/etc.

When I remove the debugger and power cycle the board, I would expect that the program would start, but I think it does not reach the main().

NRST is pulled high with a resistor and I can touch it to low, the program is flashed on 0x0800 0000 and the part starting from 0x0 seems to be a copy of 0x0800 0000.
I think the reset vector is properly linked and leads to the startup sequence, the bss inits and eventually main(). The linker includes stabs debugging sections, I don't know if that is a problem..
Am I missing some step?