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stm3210c-eval: problem implementing Uart on lwip example...

Question asked by zoharfi on Jul 14, 2015


I have stm3210c-eval, I use as base.
I imported LwIP_TCP_Echo_Client  and ping works.
I tried to implement uart capabilities on the LwIP_TCP_Echo_Client project.
I first imported UART_TwoBoards_ComPolling and made it work with output display on hyperterminal.
I then took the code as is and deleted the original files (main.c etc) from LwIP_TCP_Echo_Client project and put the src code from UART_TwoBoards_ComPolling. So actualy the same exact code runs on both projects.

I run it and it got stack on HAL_UART_Transmit function without it actualy transmitting.
What can be the cause of this?
How would you sugest to solve this problem?