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Kit Laser distance meter stm32f407 50M

Question asked by Sergey.Andriyanov on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by Sergey.Andriyanov
I work on a project "distance meter kit " Here is the link. laser kit  There are videos. vide1 video2 In the comments under the video link to the file excel. This file is recorded measurement phase at a frequency of 45 MHz, 30 MHz, 3 MHz. Measurement of the phase increments of 100 millimeters. From the values of the phase, we can calculate the distance. 45 MHz Phase 0-360 = 3,75M. 30 MHz Phase 0-360 = 5M. 3 MHz Phase 0-360 = 50M I have a problem at the time of the transition phase from 0 to 360 or 360 to 0. It is not always properly defined range 0-3,75m or 3,75-7,5m Help calculate. thank.