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Prgramming another target (with STM32F405RGT6) board with SWD by STM32F4-Discovery

Question asked by kasapoglu.orkun on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by kasapoglu.orkun
Hi. I'm trying to program another target board (our design) with SWD by F4-Discovery board. I'm connecting, erasing the target MCU with STLINK/v2 utility but when I want to debug it with Keil v5.15 Lite Version it doesn't start to run program, it sometimes start to run after immediately the download to flash operation, sometimes giving error like "Cannot debug the target" or "target dll has been cancelled" or "change the connect settings to normal or under reset (I don't remember exact warning)" so I can't debugging board. I've checked the voltages (all Vdd pins and Vcap pins) and they are normal. I've also remove the SB11 and SB12 on discovery board. I can run and debug the program with on board MCU on the discovery. Thanks for any help.