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STM32f0 ADC_IT_EOC is not getting set

Question asked by dadi.surya on Jun 30, 2015
Hi All,
           Iam using stm32f051r8t6 discovery for my application,facing problem while debugging the code in KEIL using stlink. The problem is when I enable ADC_IT_EOC though the ADC1_COMP_IRQHandler is getting invoked if(ADC_GetITStatus(ADC1, ADC_IT_EOC) != RESET) condition is not getting satisfied. After NVIC-Init I noticed that both NVIC-ISER and NVIC ICER are getting updated with 0x00001000..but as per the code only one of them should be updated in the function. Is this the reason behind ADC_IT_EOC not being set? if it is the reason what shud be done to solve the issue. If not what could be the probable reason for this kind of error. Please help me out in this..Iam attaching the code here..thanks,