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STM32F401RE Firmware update over Bluetooth

Question asked by sauer.michael.002 on Jun 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2015 by sauer.michael.002

i got a Nucleo F401RE Board and tried to update the flash with the internal bootloader, it works perfectly with USB<->RS232 bridge at 115200baud on UART1 (PA9,PA10), i got correct responses from bootloader, id, and so on. But if i connect a same configured HC-05 Bluetooth RS232 module i only
got the first ACK byte and then only sometimes a respond to the get command (0x00 0xFF) and when i get a respond from bootloader it gots not the complete command set, only a few commands where listed.

Anyone got the same issues and found out why it so reacts?