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Unable to write FSMC registers

Question asked by Wasilewski.Piotr on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by Wasilewski.Piotr

My name is Peter and my hobby is electronics, programming and robotics. Recently I got interested in STM32 and decided to build my own evaluation board. Currently I have a problem with FSMC. I want to drive an LCD display through it, but I cannot change the registers' values. Of course the clock for FSMC is on. I have even tried to change them directly (manually) in coocox debug view,  with no result. Can You tell me, what I need to turn on (except the clock source) to be able to write these registers ? 
One more thing : I have checked the errata sheet, but i couldn't find my case there.

I almost fotgot  - my chip is STM32f103VCT6, and I have changed it today so it's not broken.