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LwIP using STM32F207xx

Question asked by ali.affan on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by ali.affan
Hello All,

I am using STM32F207 to develop ethernet communication. I have to port FreeRTOS on the board. The board is custom no the standard ST EVAL board.
I have access GPIO and UART on the board.
Now I am using LwIP demo project which is provided by ST.
 In that project I changed the   ETH_GPIO_Config(); function according to my board. My board us using RMII so I did the changes accordingly.
My board does not use DP83848 for ethernet transciever. Rather it uses TLK 106. 
So I want to know that the in this function  Eth_Link_PHYITConfig(DP83848_PHY_ADDRESS); the physical address of DP83848 id defined as 01.
What should be the adress in my case TLK106 ?