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free rtos problem using HAL driver

Question asked by patel.karan on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by patel.karan
i am using descovry board having stm32f030r8 controller and using MDK-5 with stm32cube.

i develope one project un which i run two task one for usart 1 and another for usart 2.
each task is just simly receive 70 bytes in receive mode and if data is not currepted then re-transmit it on same uart.both uart is working on 115200 8 bit.for indication of task is running i toggle one led in each task so that i know if task bloked.

i test this my code using access port with auto send feature with delay of 50msec after each 70bytes .
i open 2 access port and continuously send and receive on both window.

now problem is that when i run 2 task with equal priority and test it than both task work for some time properly and then uart functionility is not working.but led is blinking so task not get bloked.

but when i implemented same functionality in one task both uart is working fine no problem and even no miss between receive and transmit.

here i attach my project.

please guide me where i made mistake