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Alternative to NSS?

Question asked by bcsteeve on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by bcsteeve
Hi.  I've never designed with STM before and I have to admit I've not fully studied the datasheets.  We're in prelim design phase right now.  I tentatively have the pins for an STM32F205 fully specified, and I realize now we have what appears to be a problem.  We require both DACs, one of which is on PA4. This pin is also used for SPI1_NSS and SPI3_NSS.  SPI1_NSS and SPI3_NSS can also be on PA15.  That's fine if we need only SPI1 or SPI3... But we need all 3 SPI and both DAC.

Is there a way to use a different GPIO or the NSS function?  Or I'm stuck either using an external DAC or finding a different chip?  I don't have any spare gpio, but we can move up to the 100pin version of the chip if necessary... but that still has the same "problem" wrt DAC/NSS.

Thank you.