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SDIO small buffer write speed

Question asked by kovaliov.nikolaj on Jun 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by gonzalez.laurent
Good day,

I have a bit of a problem, is it possible to use SDIO with smaller buffers and have decent speed.

I tried to do few tests with smaller buffer like data_buffer[512], data_buffer[1024]...
And have really poor speed. My SDIO clock if I remember correctly is 24MHz.

512B   buffer speed: 84.545532   KB/s, done 8388608 bytes
1024B  buffer speed: 242.144394  KB/s, done 8388608 bytes
2048B  buffer speed: 641.919800  KB/s, done 8388608 bytes
4096B  buffer speed: 1517.201660 KB/s, done 8388608 bytes
8192B  buffer speed: 3362.167480 KB/s, done 8388608 bytes
16384B buffer speed: 5949.367188 KB/s, done 8388608 bytes
32768B buffer speed: 7989.150391 KB/s, done 8388608 bytes

Thank you,