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STM32 bootloader USART1 only

Question asked by pavelm on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2015 by pavelm

I have encountered issue when using STM32 bootloader, because by default it seems that it scanning all USARTs.
Unfortunately I have to use only USART1, because other USARTs are used for other purposes and can transmit lot of data all the time.
I can't turn off data stream on these USARTs.
Problem occurs when I try to jump to STM32 bootloader - it then detects data from for example USART3.
But at this time I have to use USART1 to start the communication with the bootloader, but USART3 data are faster and USART1 communication does not work at all.

So I have to allow only USART1. Is there any way how to allow scanning only on USART1?


Thank you very much!