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how to increase the DMA buffer size?

Question asked by gowri.karthi on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2015 by gowri.karthi
hi ,now i am working with camera interface with stm32f40IG controller.already i capture the image by using OV9655 camera which code and hardware are provide by STM.the sample code  is for just capturing the images and display that images in TFT by using TFT GRAM.
     but i want to receive that captured datas in particular buffer.i received only upto 120x160 pixel rate.but i want to receive 240x320 pixel rate.
     the images are captured by DMA buffer.actually the datas are received upto 120x160 buffer range.if i configured that buffer range above 120x160 pixel means the IAR compiler says following error,

Error[Lp011]: section placement failed 
          unable to allocate space for sections/blocks with a total estimated minimum size of 0x11962f4 bytes in  
<[0x20000000-0x2001ffff]> (total uncommitted space 0x20000). 

     i think this error was happened because of limited DMA buffer size.for increasing DMA buffer size what can i do?

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