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HAL USB host HS in FS with FreeRTOS

Question asked by Pillet.Vincent on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Rick Sladkey
Hi all,

I'am communicating with a 3G modem through USB.
I'am using FreeRTOS (this is important).

The USB is configurated like :

  /*Set LL Driver parameters */

  hhcd.Instance = USB_OTG_HS;

  hhcd.Init.Host_channels = 11; 

  hhcd.Init.dma_enable = 1;

  hhcd.Init.low_power_enable = 0;

  hhcd.Init.phy_itface = HCD_PHY_EMBEDDED; 

  hhcd.Init.Sof_enable = 0;

  hhcd.Init.speed = HCD_SPEED_HIGH;

  hhcd.Init.vbus_sensing_enable = 0;

  hhcd.Init.use_external_vbus = 0;

My problem is the following: 
Sending small datas (simple AT command) to the modem is OK.


char at[] = "ATE0\r\n";

USBH_CDC_Transmit(&hUSB_Host, (uint8_t *) at, (uint32_t) strlen(at));

but sending more bigger data is a problem.
If the data is bigger than 64 (USB frame size) the transmit do not end.

If I add an osDelay(1) in the main USB thread ( USBH_Process_OS() ) the
transmit ends !

If I add a new thread to manage data received by the modem, the transmit ends !

But those workaround hide a bigger problem.
I suspect a FreeRTOS schedule and/or interrupt priority problem. So far I didn't managed to identifie it.

If someone has faced same problems please share your experience and/or fix,
Best Regards,