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stm32 sdhc 4GB problem

Question asked by krestel.klaus.001 on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by krestel.klaus.001

I'm using fatfs R0.11 on a stm32f4 for logging files on a SDhc card (sdio 4 bit): 32GB (16k cluster size).
Log files about 1MB/file.
Until a amount of 4GB of data (about 4600 files) all works perfect.
Now, if the recorded data past the 4GB limit and the SFN entry is the last entry of the last sector in the fat-table (see TF004606TXT), the fatfs stack wants to allocate a next chain of 32 sectors to continue the fat-table.
If this address for the next table is above 4GB, we don't get any more entries in the fat table for the next files.
I can see that the next files are physicaly recorded on the card (see TF004608.txt), but these files are not registered in the fat table. So they are invisible for the pc.

is there a limit for the table address at 4GB? A uint32 somewhere?
can someone help me with this issue?