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confusing hardfault in STM32F407

Question asked by fristedt.jan on Jun 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by fristedt.jan
I get a hardfault in an STM32F407 I can't figure out.
My speculation is that the processor tries to execute code beyond the flash end.

The debug window says the following:
Thread[1](Suspended: Signal 'SIGINT' received. Description: Interrupt.)
5 irqGetStackFrame() irq.c:924 0x08028338
4 <signal handler called>() 0xfffffff9
3 <symbol is not available> 0x08563b54
2 movAvgFInit() util.c:346 0x08020e06
1 movAvgFInit() util.c:346 0x08020e06

The stack frame is:
StackR3     0x10005cb4    
StackR0     0x10005bcc    
StackR1     0x00000005    
StackPC     0x08563b54    
StackR12    0x00000000    
StackR2     0x10005c0c    
StackLR        0x08020e07    
StackPSR    0x21000200    
stackframe  0x10006640
*stackframe 0x10005bcc    

The fault registers are:
MMSR  00
BFSR  01
UFSR  0000
HFSR  40000000
DFSR  00000009
MMAR  E000ED58
BFAR  E000ED58
AFSR  00000000

In BFSR IBUSERR is set, as far as I can unerstand this probably flags the execution at 0x08563b54.

In HFSR FORCED is set, looks like it's some problem with some exception handler.

In DFSR HALTED and VCATCH are set, halt request in NVIC and vector catched event.

The registers are:
    r0    0x10006640    
    r1    0x08563b54    
    r2    0x21000200    
    r3    0x10004788    
    r4    0x00000000    
    r5    0x00000000    
    r6    0x10005e2c    
    r7    0x10005c0c    
    r8    0x10005c64    
    r9    0x10005dec    
    r10    0x10005bcc    
    r11    0x10005dac    
    r12    0x00000000    
    sp    0x10006640    
    lr    0xfffffff9    
    pc    0x08028338    
    xpsr    0x61000003    

I have checked the interrupt vectors and they look ok.