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STM32l052R6 Touch-Lib (HAL_TSC) with CubeMX

Question asked by Olivjer on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by Ricky S
Hi guys,

I got problems including some TouchPads with the "transfer acquisition principle" with a STM32L052R6 and the CubeMX-generated HAL_TSC library.
I couldn't find an example code or a evaluation board, from which I can get the sequence read out a touch-channel and see if it detected a finger or not.

Would be great if anybody who knows like it works would help me a bit.

Thanks an have a nice weekend

Tried something like this yet:
        tscioconfig.ChannelIOs |= TSC_GROUP6_IO1 | TSC_GROUP8_IO4 ;
        tscioconfig.SamplingIOs |= TSC_GROUP6_IO4 | TSC_GROUP8_IO3;
        tscioconfig.ShieldIOs |= TSC_GROUP1_IO2;
        HAL_TSC_IOConfig(&htsc, &tscioconfig);      
        // Discharge
        HAL_TSC_IODischarge(&htsc, DISABLE);

        HAL_TSC_PollForAcquisition(&htsc); // HAL_TSC_GetState();
        ui32_calc1 = HAL_TSC_GroupGetStatus(&htsc, TSC_GROUP6);
        ui32_calc1 = HAL_TSC_GroupGetStatus(&htsc, TSC_GROUP8);
        ui32_calc2 = HAL_TSC_GroupGetValue(&htsc, TSC_GROUP6);
        ui32_calc2 = HAL_TSC_GroupGetValue(&htsc, TSC_GROUP8);