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Unable to wakeup from STOP mode in STM32L151RCT6A

Question asked by chandrasekaran.vijay on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by mhiri.nesrine
I am using STM32L151xx microcontroller. I am working on power saving modes where i am able to enter STOP mode but automatic exit from STOP mode is not happening using RTC Alarm A.
Here is the problem which i am facing. I have programmed Timer2 that every 10 seconds the microcontroller will go the STOP mode and to exit from it i have programmed RTC for every 20 seconds such that in first 10 seconds the controller will enter STOP mode and in next 10 seconds it should wake up because of RTC alarm A but after the RTC alarm interrupt triggers my micro is not waking up. i am able to wake up my micro using external interrupt. So once if the RTC alarm triggers and if i trigger the external interrupt the code starts executing the routine written inside the RTC alarm A. How do i solve this issue? How can i exit the STOP mode without any button press? How do i exit from STOP mode automatically with Timers or RTC?