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stm32f429i-discovery dcmi->sdram address 0xD0000000

Question asked by prothan on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by gonzalez.laurent

I am working with stm32f429 using with a ov7670 camera with the dcmi using dma. It works fine if I do a capture into sram. I have also successfully initialized and tested the 8mb sdram @ 0xD0000000. What I would like to do is capture the image directly into sdram @ 0xD0000000. However, I am having issues with this. When I call HAL_DCMI_Start_DMA(&hdcmi, DCMI_MODE_SNAPSHOT, (uint32_t) 0xD0000000,38400/4) (**I understand this image isn't large, but I would like to do larger, so need sdram). I read the buffer after the capture is done, looks like the 1st word is transferred, but the rest of frame is not present. Is this due to the code handling not incrementing the sdram address properly? I suppose I could do the dma transfer to sram and use the line interrupt to transfer to sdram, but I would like to a direct transfer to 0xD0000000 if possible, if anybody could provide guidance, I would appreciate it. I example in a peripheral lib or cube would be helpful.