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problem in running program with stm32f10rbt6

Question asked by mahmoud on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by mahmoud
hi every one
i wrote a c project for a stm32f103ret6 in keil & download it with jlink v8 to mcu ,it work fine.
but know i want to program same project to the stm32f103rbt6 but it dosent work correctly
i download the program by jlink & it successfully program the mcu, then i pulled down boot0(or not ) and reset mcu but mcu dosent work .
i used any other simple project but always result is same.
may i solve it with defining knew project for stm32f103rbt6?
the other thing is in defining mcu in: option for target->utility->setting->flash download
i only see high desinity 512kB flash device while stm32f103rbt6 has 128KB flash
can any one please help me ?
with best regards