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On STM32F103, Encoder Input and Input capture at the same TIM3 available?

Question asked by you.kyuhyong on Jun 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2015 by peacock.jack.003
My STM32F103 is working as motor driver and work with pwm as an input runs at about 500hz or 2 ms duty.
An incremental encoder is connected as a speed reference of the motor output.
Pin connection is as follows.
Encoder A --> PA6 (TIM3_CH1)
Encoder B --> PA7 (TIM3_CH2)
PWM1 in  --> PB0 (TIM3_CH3)
PWM2 in  --> PB1 (TIM3_CH4)

I already tested encoder function successful however input capture seems not to work.  
I just want to know if this configuration is correct.