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STM32F407 SPI TXE flag Interrupt problem.

Question asked by ekhare.abhishek on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2015 by ekhare.abhishek
I am using the STM32F407 SPI TXE and RXNE interrupts.
The ISR checks if there is data to transmit or if any data is received.

The data to be transmitted is filled outside the ISR and the TXE interrupt and CS is enabled here.
If there is no data to be transmitted, the TXE interrupt is disabled and CS is held low.

But, after the last data is transmitted, the TXE flag still remains HIGH and the execution keeps reentering the ISR over and over.

Furthermore, the RXNE flag is never SET. So no data is received.

I watched the DR register and data seems to be clocked out.