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RM0091 errors (TIM15/16/17 section); 32F0xx reference manual

Question asked by B.C.004 on Jun 2, 2015
be warned - RM0091, as of rev. 7 (oct. 2014), has a few errors in section 19 "General-purpose timers (TIM15/16/17) : it seems some sections were copy-pasted from another timer. Those timers *DO NOT* have a downcounting mode.

* 19.4.1 claims "counter can count up, down or both up and down"  - nope !

* p.484 : in the note below the figure :"Downcounting configuration [...] when DIR bit in TIMx_CR1 is high."  nope ! There's no DIR bit in TIM{15,16,17}_CR1

* 19.4.13 One pulse mode: "- in downcounting: CNT > CCRx"  -> misleading

Fortunately I didn't need to change my design a lot because of this, but others may not be so lucky !