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STM32F use with serial ram, FMSC or DMA?

Question asked by burr.steven on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by waclawek.jan
I've got a 23LC1024 it's a serial ram with spi capabilities
I'd like to be able to use it as an extension of my addressable ram on the stm32fxxxx. I have two options, DMA which is understandable and I've used in the past. Or FMSC which I don't understand as much because of all the functionality. Has anybody used a serial ram in the past with either of these interfaces? Its my understanding if the serial ram is used in SPI with DMA it's memory space cannot be addressable, is this true? The 23LCxxx has several configuration modes, inculding a quad read or write (using 4 pins instead of one for spi). Are any of these supported under FMSC? The best information that I could find is that FMSC only supports either an 8 or 16 bit data line whereas the 23LCxxxx only has 4 and they are R/W pins and the data and address are not separated as in the examples of the FMSC timing diagrams in the datasheet. In the datasheet all of the examples I have seen so far are address and data lines, does FMSC support a serial read\write? How would I get it into that mode?