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Timer speed/frequency STM32F411 - STM32F407

Question asked by bil.til on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by bil.til
In the datasheet of STM32F407 it is stated (Table 4, 2.2.21), the max speed for TIM1 is given with 168MHz, whereas TIM2-5 only run with max. 84MHz. This is quite clear, as TIM1 connects to APB2, running at max. 84MHz, and TIM2-5 connect to APB1, running at max 48MHz. ...

The strange thing is: In the STM32F411 datasheet (Table 4, 3.20) the max speed of all timers is specified with the same value, 100MHz, although still TIM1 connects to the double speed APB2, and TIM2-5 connect to the half speed APB1. Is this real or maybe some misprint? (Or do the timers TIM2-5 need some special "trick setting" to get this higher speed - as the include file and the register settings always is the STM32F4XX.H, STM32F411 seems to use exactly the same settings as STM32F405/7 ... (just a subset of course) ... so this is really somehow very strange?