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Flash Code Protection

Question asked by Tansem on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by chahrayar.chahrazed

I am developing codes on STM32L0 microcontroller
I want to add flash read out protection function in the code.
After I enable the PcROP(proprietary Code Read Out Protection), my codes do not work anymore. It does not accept I2C commands, does not toggle LED programmed in the flash.
If I remove that protection, my codes work fine.
In the code, I update option bytes and reload them. After system reboot, I make sure the system will not trigger OB_Launch bit again. I don't know where the codes halt since I cannot debug anymore...The Keil IDE shows cannot access the target..

I use the ST-link IDE to check option bytes. they are the same as I set. 
If I enable PcROP, do I need to change RDP level from 0 to 1?
I think it should be level1 but either level 0 or 1 does not make my codes run...

Please help
Thank you.