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Can I2S2_ext generate an IRQ on Rx DMA cplt on stm32f411?

Question asked by elgarbe on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by elgarbe
Hi, I'm using an audiocodec conected to I2S2 of the uC. Tx on I2S2_SD and Rx on I2S2_extSD.
I can send audio to the codec as a master and codec play the audio Ok. I'm using DMA and on DMA_Tx_Cplt IRQ I configure the next dma data and call HAL_I2S_Transmit_DMA and everithing work ok.
Now I want to record some sound from the microphone trough the codec. To receive I use I2S_ext pin. Configure dma stream and program the ISR. The problem is that IRQ never fire. I ask for 1000 halfword at 44Khz, so it will be a few mseg of sound, but my buffer is allways 0's and no IRQ fire.
Any Idea?