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STM32F103, erase a function that define in spesial section

Question asked by nahvi.mohamad on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 30, 2015 by nahvi.mohamad

in my software, define a section named "My_SECTION" and put just a function on it.
in IAR .icf file define that section write in address 0x08050000.

I used debugger, function is correctly wrote in 0x08050000 and has 16 byte length. All other functions are wrote from address 0x08003000.

when MCU power on , In main() function, I want to erase function that wrote in address 0x08050000. when erase page at address  0x08050000, page doesn't erase, but if erase just page after or before that, it is erase correctly . I think pages that programed, is locked.

Is it possible to erase a page that some of execution code write on it?