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STM32L053/51: Can't set DBG_STOP at the start of main

Question asked by bao.jianyi on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by bao.jianyi
Hi, I want the debug ability during stop mode. According to the reference menu, DBG_STOP in register DBG_CR bit should be set to do this. But after I set it, it is still 0. I have tried several ways:
  1. Use a macro "execUserSetup" in IAR.
  3. When the debug session is launched, use "Register view" window and modify it directly.
  5. Call "HAL_EnableDBGStopMode" or "HAL_DBG_LowPowerConfig" at the begining of "main".
But none of the above works. It always remain 0.

Does anybody have any idea? Thanks